An accident might be characterized as an undesirable occasion that causes wounds in or on a body; harm or death toll while going via air, ocean or street that occurs by chance which is consistently surprising. The accident that occurs because of an engine vehicle is called a street accident; because a plane or helicopter is air-crash and because pontoons for boats are called water-accidents. Whatever sort of accident it will be, it makes certain to bring loss of lives and properties. For what reason do a huge number of accidents occur in a day? It is a genuine consuming issue of the world.

There are endless foundations of getting into an accident. Right off the bat naiveté and arrogant young person’s engine drive; besides alcoholic drivers; thirdly limited streets and in conclusion off-base or stalled vehicles. Additionally drivers who are in a rush, attempt to overwhelm others and it prompts the accident. Then again normal disasters or abrupt change in climate additionally causes accidents particularly air and ocean accidents. Flood, tide, tropical storm, avalanches, hazes, mists and substantial downpour cause a few accidents regularly.

In spite of the fact that we can’t absolutely stop accidents from occurring, we can reduce them. We can limit accidents by forbidding drinks for drivers, extending streets, making individuals carefully keep traffic rules, precluding driving after gatherings, not giving the vehicles to adolescents, checking or looking at vehicles before driving and tuning in to the climate estimate before driving.

On the opposite side, there are endless activities after an accident, as well. Subsequently everyone must think about First Aid. The travelers and team must be protected for their life. Besides every individual ought to be made aware of salvage activity and basic philanthropic assistance and backing. To summarize we should stop accidents from occurring. On the off chance that it’s unrealistic, how about we diminish them. In any case, if an accident happens, we should pick up the pace to safeguard the people in question.