Any strict book composed by man can not the slightest bit contrast with the holy book. There are religions that have composed their own books that they hoist to a similar level as the holy book. Yet, man can’t find profound truth all alone.

“Be that as it may, individuals who aren’t Christians can’t comprehend these realities from God’s Spirit. Everything sounds absurd to them on the grounds that single the individuals who have the Spirit can comprehend what the Spirit implies.” I Corinthians 2:14

Different strict books that utilize comparative words to the Bible, for example, God, salvation, sin, avocation, and so forth are not talking about very similar things as the good book. These are just from their strict perspective and not the slightest bit ought to be contrasted with the Bible. Similarities between articulations in the holy book and different religions are unadulterated occurrences and mean something entirely unexpected to that of Christianity.

It is additionally acceptable to take note of that when somebody who isn’t genuinely a Christian needs to Bible quotes certain pieces of the holy book so as to control or hoodwink others, cautious investigation of that sacred writing ought to be finished. What should be done is read the entire section to get the genuine significance of the entry.

Another significant point is to look through the holy book when others attempt to cite sacred writings outside of any relevant connection to the issue at hand. It is in every case great to read the whole sacred writing to get the genuine significance of its specific situation. Non-devotees and pundits have the propensity for reading just aspects of a sacred text to attempt to trap others into thinking something it doesn’t state. An individual ought to underestimate nothing by those whose aim is to control others into believing that the Bible repudiates itself.

In contrasting the holy book and other non-Christian sacred texts, individuals will in general search just for the similitudes and not the distinctions. In any case, cautious examination and exploration must go into these books before marking them on par to the Bible.

Another motivation behind why some strict books may appear to be like the holy book is the way that they take scriptural sacred texts and put their own importance to it and afterward skillet it off as their own teaching. They additionally contort the scriptural sacred writings to state that the holy book concurs with their own convictions.

Christians ought not bargain their convictions for that of different religions particularly on the off chance that they are doing as such to attempt to carry others to Christ. It is something that the God of the good book doesn’t endure.