What Happened To The Jule Miller Filmstrips – This VBSS (Visualized Bible Study Series) Was Great

This VBSS (Visualized Bible Study arrangement) was an incredible instrument for men’s bible study numerous years prior. These filmstrips were joined by sound tape tapes. Also, numerous individuals took in the gospel story from these. Do you recall these? They were utilized for quite a long time in Christian evangelism.

This Bible study arrangement began in Genesis and went entirely through both the Old and New Testament.

All things considered, Christian companion, I need you to realize that this exemplary Bible study material is as yet accessible on VHS or DVD. Truly; truth is stranger than fiction. Gospel Services, Inc. of Houston, TX actually has this amazing material accessible for you yet in a more present day design. This is a similar Bible study arrangement that Texas Stevens and Jule Miller made numerous years back. What’s more, it is as yet utilized by Christians as they share the uplifting news.

You can get a duplicate of this DVD by visiting the site referenced beneath and tapping on Products Available for Purchase.

Or then again on the off chance that you have inquiries regarding this arrangement don’t hesitate to email me.

In any case, regardless of whether you care about this arrangement or not… I need you to realize that Evangelism is significant! So get out there and accomplish something evangelistic; won’t you? Educate your companion concerning Jesus, welcome a colleague to chapel, appeal to God for lost individuals, empower an evangelist, and so on., and so forth. Whatever it is, accomplish something for the sake of Jesus to tell a lost world that you give it a second thought and that Jesus cares. Offer the gospel, Christian.

Much appreciated and may God favor you.…