SAP Business One XML Connector: eCommerce and EDI Integration

Typical model would be the point at which you need your online business site to be controlled by an ERP application with deals request execution login: stock thing assignment and delivery to the client. Now and again you might want programmed receipt posting (in SAP B1 phrasing including) to General Ledger thus programmed request execution – when your things are downloadable applications or media records. In different cases you would begin with Sales Order and depend request execution login, with conceivably light creation/assembling or bill of material get together to backend MRP – SAP BO.

o Technology. From Abeam SAP B1 connector side – it is acknowledged as SOAP web service. From your inheritance online business or other application side you can convey either organizing SQL tables approach, or direct SQL information pulling with exchanges checking as being sent for incorporation to SAP Business One.

o Web Service. Cleanser XML web service with inbound (from web based business, EDI or your colleagues extranet) information stream to make or update SAP B1 client protest and afterward make deals report. Outbound XML stream reports you the accomplishment of the activity and whenever required gives you made article boundaries.

o SAP Business One SDK – this is the core of the connector, it logins to SAP BO business with the accreditations given (totally approving SBO business application rationale), at that point it introduces new client and deals request/receipt or updates existing colleague/client data.

o Fields of utilization. Connectors if this sort end up being of interest for other ERP applications, Microsoft Dynamics GP Great Plains for instance, where it is generally utilized in web based business and colleague programmed requesting circles. On the off chance that can be effectively conveyed for the service business, when you have to log consultants every day time logs and bills out your clients. Nice blend for service business is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service module with time logging rationale against contract line spending plan and afterward sending settled cases time to SAP B1 as deals orders.…